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September Sewing Class at Divine Savior Academy Creative Lab

September Sewing Class at Divine Savior Academy Creative Lab

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Learn to Sew AND learn your machine (important to not give up when it gets stuck!) - Beginner's Sewing Class

Are you ready to unlock your creativity and embark on a sewing journey? Join our Beginner's Sewing Class and discover the joy of creating your own stylish garments and accessories. Whether you're a complete novice or have limited sewing experience, this class is perfect for you!

**What you'll learn:**

1. **Introduction to Sewing:** We'll start with the basics, introducing you to different types of sewing machines, tools, and fabrics.

2. **Machine Setup:** Learn how to set up and thread your sewing machine correctly, ensuring smooth and frustration-free sewing. Learn on your personal machine or borrow one of mine to figure out what you love about a machine!

3. **Sewing Fundamentals:** Master essential sewing techniques like straight stitching, zigzag stitching, and backstitching.

4. **Fabric Selection:** Gain confidence in selecting the right fabrics for your projects and learn how to work with them effectively.

7. **Basic Garment Construction:** Create simple garments like a tote bag, pillowcase, and more. We will make an infinity scarf as a part of class!

8. **Troubleshooting:** Learn how to identify and fix common sewing machine issues. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing I teach! Do not give up when your machine gives you issues. I'll teach you the what and why of each part so when it gets stuck you can fix it :) 

**What's Included:**

- **Expert Instruction:** I have been sewing for almost 10 years, and teaching sewing classes for 4 years! I love love love teaching kids, teens, and adults who are beginners!
- **Sewing Machines:** You can bring your own sewing machine or use one of our high-quality machines during class.
- **Materials:** We provide the fabrics, threads, and notions you need for the class projects.

**Class Details:**

- **Duration:** This is a 1.5/2 hour class (depending on questions) and you will leave knowing how to sew confidently!
- **Location:** Divine Savior Academy Creative Lab Classroom
- **Cost:** $78/person. This includes time of instruction, location rental, & materials for learning
- **Dates:** September 26th, 6:45pm-8:30pm

**Who Should Attend:**

- Beginners with little to no sewing experience. (ages 14+)
- Those looking to explore their creative side and develop a valuable skill.
- Anyone interested in making their own easy holiday gifts!!

**Why Choose Us:**

- **Supportive Environment:** We foster a welcoming and encouraging learning environment for all skill levels. I love love love teaching beginners and explain things in an easy way!
- **Hands-On Learning:** I am a very visual learner and make sure to tell, show, and then have you do it so you can visualize all the working parts!
- **Small Class Sizes:** Personalized attention ensures you'll get the help you need. 
- **Fun and Social:** It's always fun learning in groups! You can help each other and bounce creative ideas off one another!


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We love helping people discover and grow their love for sewing! We offer in person classes, kids summer camps, & private lessons.

If you're not local to Georgetown, Texas, you can always check out our youtube channel with step-by-step guides to learning your sewing machine and beginner's projects.